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This date can change depending on the progress of the epidemic. Some services will remain open to answer urgent operational questions.

We will provide more information on the matter. We ask that you respect the enclosed letter and the confinement measures imposed by authorities in France and Switzerland.

I'm certain that this difficult time will pass.Replica Tag Heuer Watches We will stay composed and help stabilize the situation so we can return to work in the most efficient manner.

I am grateful that you accepted the orders of your managers to close the case in good condition.

The LVMH Cosmetics and Perfumes Division temporarily converts its production of fragrances into hand sanitizer in order to supply the French authorities as well as the largest hospital systems across Europe.

A whiskey distillery in Portland is doing the same thing across the pond. They use the freshly fermented malt in the first round of distillation and then convert it into hand sanitizer,omega replica watches which they provide to customers.

Richemont's Campus Haute Horlogerie.

Richemont, unlike other watch manufacturers, has now closed its Meyrin manufacturing facility to outsiders to reduce the risk of the coronavirus.

These developments will be closely followed by us, and we'll keep you informed with all the most recent information. Keep watching.

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